Can you handle the fluff?

Can you handle the fluff?

This is my personal blog. I post random things that I like to look at. Don't like what you see? deal with it. Enjoy :D

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So in case anyone is wondering why I haven’t been posting anything lately (probably not), it’s because police raided my place, saw something, then pretty much took all my electronic devices as evidence. So I have been left without technology for the time being. So yea. Mostlikely will be awol until after the new year. Bastards take all my shit during finals week, leveling me unable to study at home for tests. This December has sucked mightly, but hopefully it will get better as things progress… or maybe it will be even better if things dont progress. I dont know. Love you guys and thanks to anyone still following me. You’re the best. Until next time. PinkFluffyBunnies out.




Tumblr needs more bears



Reblog if you think gay marriage should be legal.

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So, I will be MIA for a while because police broke into my house and took my computer and all my other tech devices. No real way of using the internet or making phone calls and so on. 

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